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Historical Italian culinary pasta traditions have been finally brought to New York City

by Chef Giusto Priola.

He started his career as a restaurateur with the opening of the wildly successful “Cacio e Pepe” (2004).

He was the first to bring the renowned Cacio e Pepe pasta to the NYC tables. He later opened highly acclaimed restaurant “Cacio e Vino” (2006) which became the emblem of Sicilian Cuisine in NYC.


Giusto boasts a 20 year experience in the food business, which has led him to stand out as both an Italian culinary pioneer.


From the Press


NyMag.com  Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld

"Cacio e Vino honors its Sicilian roots with regional specialties like caponatina, stuffed sardines, bucatini con sarde, baccale, and cassata"


EV - GRIEVE Magazine

..When I asked Giusto, an East Village resident, what he wanted to tell people about the space, he said, “Just come and eat!” 


Haute Review - Jonathan Forrest 

"The pastas were the true winners; we ordered the Anelletti Palermitana
which was quite a feast to the eye"